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The Customer Services teams at Weathercall and Met Office are here to help with enquiries during office hours Monday to Friday.

This section has been created to provide you with immediate assistance and will help to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.


You don’t need the 4-digit code to make the service work, you can listen to the menu of options when calling the service. Using the 4-digit code will take you straight to the area you require, removing all the preamble and instructions. This will save you money! The only reason these codes have been added is to save our loyal customers money.

Weathercall telephone service is updated three times a day and fax and online forecasts updated daily. 

The forecasts now contain a Met Office 24-hour regional summary, followed by a Met Office 2-5 day deterministic forecast taken from the Met Office atmoshperic weather model for the local area.  This is followed by a Met Office national forecast for days 6-10, and an oulook for the month ahead.  Fax services are accompanied by a synoptic chart.  These Weathercall forecasts are quality controlled by Met Office forecasters to ensure the latest in local accuracy.

Unlike any other weather service, you can skip forward through Weathercall to the day or part of the forecast you actually require. Just key 3 on your keypad to skip through the individual weather reports.


This is a technical term used for requesting information using fax-on-demand. This means you dial Weathercall and receive your fax in one single action.

Wait a few seconds longer. Make sure your machine is set to polling mode. Some makes and models house a button (on the side/underneath) which should be switched on to use fax-on-demand successfully. If you are unsure consult your user-guide for more information.

Check with your network operator (i.e. BT, Cable & Wireless, etc) that your home/ office is not restricted from using ‘value-call’ or ‘premium’ services. Each network operator has its own policy on this, but any automatic barring can be lifted by making a call to your provider.

There may be a slight delay between your dialling the number and your fax arriving. This is due to the information being downloaded to your fax machine prior to printing out. 

This depends on the age, make and model of your fax machine. Weathercall fax is output to you at the fastest speed at which a polled fax can be transmitted to your fax machine. How fast it is received by you depends on the speed at which your machine can receive and print.

If you have a modern machine it should take approximately 1 minute (or less) for each page to be received.

Unfortunately, fax is no longer the most modern of technologies and can on occasion experience communication errors when set to polling mode (i.e. using a fax-on-demand service).  In the event that this happens, please contact Customer Services 0845 610 1800 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm) with details of the number you have called and what you have received. Our operator will be happy to assist you.


The SMS services offered by Weathercall have substantially reduced in popularity over time.  Ongoing feedback tells us that you prefer weather forecasts to contain as much detail as possible, but an SMS forecast is restricted to containing only 160 characters, therefore potentially lacking in sufficient detail required to justify the cost of the forecast – especially when competing against the free content available on the internet. The service has also proven problematic in terms of the update times of the information, area coverage and handset compatibility.  We believe the service no longer represents the quality and value-for-money that we strive to offer our customers, so the decision has been made to withdraw the SMS service from the portfolio.


Weathercall will only work from land-based telephones within the UK (inc. Channel Islands) and from your mobile when within range of a UK network operator signal, say within 10 or 12 miles of the coast. This is industry-wide, even if you prefix the number with an international +44 dialing code. Joining the Weathercall Club will give you access to forecasts from overseas. Contact Customer Services for details.

All update times and forecast information is correct at the time of going to print. However, Weathercall and the Met Office reserve the right to change services as and when necessary and any such changes will be published on this website. 

Our forecasts are quality controlled by highly-experienced Met Office meteorologists and the combination of data is not readily available elsewhere.  Remember you can skip through our service and use the 4-digit codes, both will save you money.  SMS forecasts cost as little as 25p – cheaper than a first class stamp!

Unfortunately we do not offer an out-of-hours facility.  Customer Services is open during office hours Monday to Friday 9am 4pm, excluding bank holidays.  As all our forecasts are automated we actually receive very few calls directly to Customer Services on a normal operating day, therefore there is very little requirement for us to offer out-of-hours or weekend cover.  If you have an enquiry during this period you can leave a message and one of our agents will contact you on Monday morning.  Alternatively, you may contact the Met Office Customer Centre on 0870 9000 111 which is open 24/7, where their highly skilled agents will be able to assist with your Weathercall enquiry.

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