Local Weather Forecasts via Fax

Fax offers a choice of two different weather forecasts to cater for the increasing needs of our customers. 

You can choose from Advance and Standard options.

Weathercall fax offers a highly localised Met Office forecast with regional maps with a clear and simple layout - making it easy to interpret and faster to receive.

Dial the number for your local area and enter the 4-digit code when prompted.  Using the 4-digit code will take you straight to your forecast. View the list of 4-digit codes, or if you prefer listen to the list of areas available during your call.

Weathercall Advance 10-day fax forecasts offer a 5-day local forecast and a UK National outlook for days 6-10, a summary for the month ahead and a 4-day Synoptic Chart.

Weathercall AreasFax Number
South East09065 300 128
South West09065 300 129
East Anglia09065 300 137
Midlands09065 300 135
Wales09065 300 130
North West09065 300 131
North East09065 300 132
Scotland09065 300 133
Northern Ireland09065 300 134
National UK09065 300 136
Synoptic Chart (2-5 days)09065 300 278

Weathercall Standard 5-day forecast offers a 5-day local forecast and a 4-day Synoptic Chart.

Weathercall Standard AreasFax Number
South East09060 100 411
South West09060 100 412
East Anglia09060 100 415
Midlands09060 100 414
Wales09060 100 413
North West09060 100 416
North East09060 100 417
Scotland09060 100 418
Northern Ireland09060 100 419
National UK09060 100 410

Weathercall fax consists of Met Office 48-hour forecaster written summary for the region and is followed by 5-day Met Office forecast data extracted from the Met Office global atmospheric weather model. This is quality controlled by Met Office to offer the latest in local accuracy.

There may be a slight delay between dialing the number and your fax arriving. This is due to the information being downloaded to your fax machine prior to printing out. If you experience any problems please contact Customer Services.

09065 calls cost £1.50 per minute, 09060 calls cost £1 per minute. For details of update times and other useful fax information visit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). For further assistance contact Customer Services 0845 610 1800 (Mon-Fri).