Fax Direct

If you use Weathercall fax forecasts on a regular basis, but would like to save money, then consider subscribing to Fax Direct, our prepaid fax delivery service.

Fax Direct customers benefit from:
  •  Regular delivery of Weathercall Advance fax on the morning(s) of your choice.
  • Great discounts - you pay less than using the traditional polling method.
  •  No premium-rate calls on your telephone bill.
  •  Easy payment methods - credit card or cheque.
  •  Forecasts delivered to you - no need to poll.
Example Subscription RatesAmount (inc VAT)
1 fax per week for 6 months£68.15
3 faxes per week for 6 months£188.00
7 faxes per week for 6 months£405.38

Subscriptions are available from one month to one year, and can be tailored for other periods and events.

Click here to view available subscription options and purchase online.

To view a sample forecast before you make a purchase, click here.

For more information contact Customer Services on 0871 200 3985 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri).