About Weathercall

Weathercall, produced in association with the Met Office, is the UK's leading provider of specialist weather forecasts, established in 1986.

We offer a vast portfolio weather forecast products through every technology channel including telephone and Internet.

The Met Office, renowned for high quality and best in brand forecasts, supply all the meteorological information with Marinecall and its parent company iTouch UK Ltd providing the technical infrastructure.

iTouch PLC, recently acquired by Buongiorno, the trendsetting, independent mobile media and technology company driving the burgeoning cellphone entertainment and personalization industry. With the recent acquisition of iTouch, Buongiorno has become the world's No. 1 company in mobile entertainment, with 38 offices, business in 53 countries, direct connections to more than 100 telephone carriers throughout the world, and access to over 2 billion mobile users. It also ranks among the first three companies in 8 of the largest markets.

iTouch UK division continues to provide its customers with a wide range of services which can be grouped under three categories of information, entertainment and messaging. iTouch UK Ltd is proud to provide the telephone-based voting for C4's Big Brother and fund-raising for Comic Relief, to name but a couple of our many high-profile clients.